Avoid SBA Scammers

Avoid SBA Scammers

The covid-19 relief funds from the federal government under the CARES ACT has brought with it Scammers.

Below is some tips(as posted on the California Association of Realtors website Car.org to stay safe online and avoid any interruptions in receiving relief that might due to you.

Be sure you are going to the correct websites. The U.S. Small Business Administration handles SBA loans. So when you visit the SBA online the website URL ends with .gov For California its .ca.gov,

Do not pay a processing fee for your application Department of the Treasury has forbidden fees to be collected.

Do not give sensitive personal information to anyone contacting you unsolicited if you think the contact is legit you can get in touch with the lender or gov’t agency listed on their website. Never use information listed on an unsolicited message

DO not fall for promises to “Fast-Track” your application THERE IS NO FAST TRACK OFFERED

Report Scams to California Attorney General or Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker either https:\\oag.ca.gov/contact/consumer=complaint against-business or company or https://www.org/Scam-Tracker

For online solicitations claiming to be from the Department of Treasury or the SBA the Treasury Department recommends reporting to the FBI https:\\www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

Stay safe, #flattenthecurve #socialdistance

Michael Bloom

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