Buying and Selling during the Holidays; why it works

Although the holidays are usually a time when buyers and sellers take a break and regroup for the new year, there are several reasons why staying active during the seasonal slowdown can be to your advantage.

For buyers, starting your house hunt during the holidays gives more options and flexibility.

Here are 5 reasons why buying now can be a smart move.

  1. less competition-likely to have more homes to choose from.
  2. more time for house-hunting spend a little more time looking to the right house.
  3. low interest rates
  4. potential for negotiation
  5. end-of-year tax breaks

Also, you should prequalify for a mortgage first, get full loan approval if possible, use a skilled agent, and do your homework.

Advvantages for sellers during the holidays:

  1. a lot less competition
  2. extra motivated buyers-due to low inventory many buyers close quickly
  3. extra-motivated realtors
  4. low interest rates
  5. more time for house-hunting- breaks from school and work leave motivated buyers moe time to shop for a home.


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