Changes In ADU policies achieved in Oakland

As a result of the enormous efforts of Californians for Homeownership, a nonprofit organization sponsored by the California Association of Realtors the city of Oakland has changed its policies towards the development of accessory dwellings units. (ADU’s)

These changes will allow Oakland homeowners to develop larger units, up to 1,200 square feet. ADU’s will now be allowed on lots where the City had previously not permitted building such as small lot developments and alongside duplexes and multi family buildings.

Dave Walsh, President of C.A.R., states, “Accessory dwelling units are critical for addressing California’s affordable housing crisis. That’s why C.A.R. has long supported state legislation easing ADU development and why Californians for Homeownership has worked hard to ensure that every California property owner can take advantage of the expanded housing creation opportunities allowed by icithese laws.”

California ranks 49th out of 50 states in the number of housing units per capita and has a housing deficit of 2-3.5 million homes. (statistics provided by C.A.R. website) The pandemic has heightened the need for affordable housing and has put a spotlight on the number of Californians who are forced to live in overcrowded housing units due to the state’s inadequate supply.

According to Californians for Homeownership, the state needs to build homes quicker and at a lower cost than traditional ground-up housing allows. ADU’s are cost-effective and minimize the impacts to surrounding communities.

It’s a very positive step that Californians for Homeownership is leaning on cities like Oakland to amend their policies and promote building of ADU’s.

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