Current Hidden Hills Market Report

Current Hidden Hills Market Report

Current Hidden Hills Market Report

Currently, there are 21 homes for sale in Hidden Hills.

One home on Oakfield for $2.6M 5bd 5ba 3912 sqft. Three homes on Jed Smith 1) $2.99M 3 bd 2 ba 2270 sqft 2) $15.995M 8bd 9 ba 10,319 sqft 3) $24,888M 6 bd 9ba 18,183 sqft  Two homes on Round Meadow 1) $4.5M 5bd 5ba 4917 sqft 2) $10.995M 6 bd 8ba 8523 sqft  Three on Jim Bridger 1) $4.995M 5 bd 7ba 5000 sqft 2) $13,750M 8bd 10ba 11,320 sqft 3) $13,950M 7bd 9ba 13,211 sqft One home on Whitman $7.5M 5bd 8ba 7787 sqft

Four homes for sale on Long Valley 1) 7.750M 5bd 7ba 8214 sqft 2) $8.399M 6bd 8ba 9425 sqft 3) $11,595M 6bd 9ba 9420sqft 4) $27,5M 7bd 8ba 21,151 sqft. One on Bill Cody $8,945M 5bd 8ba 9913 sqft One on Bonneville for $1q0.995M 6 bd 7ba 9000 sqft

One on Hidden Ridge $15,495M 6bd 7vba 10,875 sqft One on Dixon Trail $15,995M 8bd 9ba 10,319 sqft One on Butterfield $17,5M 9bd 11ba 16.628 sqft One on Paradise Valley $28,950M 6bd 11ba 14,678 sqft.

One home on Long Valley is Active Under Contract meaning not all contingencies have been removed.

Six homes are pending meaning contingencies have been removed 3 on Long Valley, 1 on John Colter 1 on Round Meadow and 1 on Little Valley

Finally, 4 homes have closed escrow in the past 30 days 5742 Hilltop for $3,575M. 5395 Jed Smith for $4.3M 24341 Rolling View for $5.3M and 24504 Long Valley for $6.675M

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